Once You Have Chosen One Of Our VIP Packages You Will Get An Email With A Link To Our Premium Telegram Channel.

STEP #1: Get The Telegram App

Download the Telegram App to get access to our VIP Channel. You can download the App in the store for IOS and Google Play. 

STEP #2: Pick The Right Broker

Brokers Are Firms That Provide Traders With Access To A Platform That Allows Them To Buy And Sell Foreign Currencies.

Choosing Which Broker To Use When Trading Options Is Without Doubt One Of The Single Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Need To Make In Your Trading Career. Using A Good Broker Can Save You Money, Increase Your Profitability, Save You Time, Help You Find Trading Opportunities, And It Will Generally Improve Your Overall Trading Experience. Therefore, We Highly Recommend To All Of Our Students To Sign In With The 2019 Award Winning Broker BDSwiss For The Best Trading Conditions, Unbelievable Bonuses And Compatibility Our Our Signals.

Once You’ve Made The Minimum Required Deposit €250  Just Follow The Broker Instructions On How To Link It With MetaTrader4 App.

Sign Up With BDSWISS Here , Deposit 250€ To Get 1 Year Free VIP Access 

STEP #3: Get The MT4 App

Download MetaTrader4 App To Be Able To Place Trades. You can also download it from the iOS App Store & Google Play Store

STEP #4: Start To Trade

After You Receive A Trading Alert On Telegram It Should Look Like This:

Go To MetaTrader4, Select The Pair And Click On Trade, The First Thing That You Need To Do Is To Make Sure That You Are Extremely Close To The Entry Price. The Second And Most Important Thing That You Need To Do Is To Enter The Lot Size (Please Choose The Lot Size Suitable To Your Capital Or You Will Blow Your Account Up, You Will Find A List Of Different Capitals And The Suitable Lot Size As Well Of Our Strategy Down Below). Then Enter The SL Number In The Stop Loss Field And TP In The Take Profit Field.
At The End You Click Either On Sell By Market Or Buy By Market.

If You Receive A Signal With TP1 TP2 And TP3 You Should Divide Your Lot Size By 3 And Open 3 Positions.
For Example, If You Have 3000€ Capital You Should Open 3 Trades With 0,1 Lot Size Each.
1st Position: SL –> TP1.
2nd Position: SL –>TP2
3rd Position: SL –> TP3 

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Pip Locking

What It Means Is Simply Moving SL As The Trade Progresses. So, When TP1 Is Reached, Move SL To Break-Even (Entry Price). By Doing This, You Are Guaranteed Not To Lose The Trade. Then When TP2 Is Reached, Move SL To TP1 And Finally When TP3 Is Reached, You Move SL To TP2. As Soon As TP3 Is Reached, Congratulations! The Trade Will Close Automatically.

With This Strategy, You Are Guaranteed To Exit As A Winner Or If Market Reached TP1 And Retraced Back To Entry, You Would Get Ours At A 0 Pip Profit, That Is The Worst Case Scenario. 

There Will Be Plenty Of More Trades To Come Since We Publish Between 4-6 Forex Signals Or More Daily. With Our 92% Accuracy Or More, The Majority Of Trades Go Well Beyond TP1 And A Trade Can Also Be Exited Without Issues If A Trader Chooses.


How Much Do I Need To Start Trading Forex

One Of The Unique Advantages Of The Forex Market Is That Traders Do Not Need Huge Amounts Of Capital. Unlike The Stock Markets, Where Traders Need To Put Up Huge Amounts As Collateral And Also Account For Market Valuations, The Forex Market Works Differently.

Thanks To BDSwiss Amazing Leverage 1:400, Traders With Just An Average Amount Of Capital To Risk Can Start Trading Forex Efficiently.

For Average Results Our Recommendation Is To Start With A Minimum Of 250€ Nothing Less Than That. Of Course A Trader With A €10.000 Capital Can Make Easily A Minimum Of €500 A Day. So The Higher The Capital The Better Are The Profits.


Trading Rules

Please Make Sure That You Respect The

Lot Size!

Capital: 100€ -> Lot Size 0,01

Capital: 200€ -> Lot Size 0,02

Capital: 300€ -> Lot Size 0,03

Capital: 400€ -> Lot Size 0,04

Capital: 500€ -> Lot Size 0,05

Capital: 1000€ -> Lot Size: 0,1

Capital: 2000€ -> Lot Size: 0,2

Capital: 3000€ -> Lot Size: 0,3

Capital: 4000€ -> Lot Size: 0,4

Capital: 5000€ -> Lot Size: 0,5

Capital: 10,000€ -> Lot Size: 1

Capital: 100,000€ -> Lot Size: 10

Capital: 250,000€ -> Lot Size: 25

Capital: 500,000€ -> Lot Size: 50


What Is Pips

The Unit Of Measurement To Express The Change In Value Between Two Currencies Is Called A “Pip.” If EUR/USD Moves From 1.1050 To 1.1051, That 0.0001 USD Rise In Value Is ONE PIP.


For Example You Placed A Trade And You’ve Got A Message In Our Telegram Channel That We’ve Gained 100 Pips On This Trade. If Your Lot Size Its 0,5 That Means That You’ve Made For Each Pip 5 Euros. Congratulation! You’ve Made 500€ Or Whatever The Currency That You Trade With.

So Let’s Say Now That We’ve Gained 520 Pips In One Day.

Lot Size 0,01 -> 0,1€ Per Pip Gain -> 52€ Profits.
Lot Size 0,1 -> 1€ Per Pip Gain -> 520€ Profits.
Lot Size 1 -> 10€ Per Pip Gain -> 5200€ Profits.
Lot Size 10 -> 100€ Per Pip Gain -> 52.000€ Profits.

We will help you to achieve your trading goals. Become a VIP Member and own your forex game. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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